Track and Manage
your High-Value Asset
with One Powerful
Software Solution.


Simplify Complex
Heavy Vehicle Challenges

Explore new ways to enhance workflows, improve utilization, track maintenance and extend the life of your assets with Aditi Tracking.


Increase Driver Satisfaction
and Productivity

An ideal GPS tracker should be easy and efficient. Configure conditions of task reassurance, checkpoint and dates. And also overcome drive shortages and rush-hour deliveries.

Get the most out of
your Heavy Vehicle Fleet

Minimize fuel consumption and capital expenses based on historical travel patterns and preferred routes, optimal departure time and other relevant data signals.



It’s time to leverage the real-time data. Explore our powerful analytical suite that includes summaries, reports, and charts.

everyday tasks

Simplify scheduling
and driver dispatch

Analyze driver performance by
reviewing tasks and driving violations


Key Benefits


Aditi Tracking solves some of the
incredibly complex trucking &
distribution of the logistics

Truck and commercial freight vehicle journeys are often complicated in comparison to those of common vehicles.
Be it short-haul trucks delivering goods within a given region or long-haul trucks traversing highways, there are numerous business-critical variables that directly impact trucking operations and eventual business outcomes.


Cut operating
and maintenance




Keep drivers

See how our clients are
improving their logistics

Some of the best business lessons come from seeing how companies like yours handle the same challenges you face every day.


Meet Our Employees

I say my workplace is my second home because of the friendly, healthy, and peaceful atmosphere to work. At Aditi Tracking, you have the opportunity to grow, travel and explore the latest and globally recognized technologies in IoT and Telematics.

testimonial Saajan Jain Senior Support

In Aditi Tracking, you move forward on a path filled with challenges which makes you virtuous and ready for any situation. It's been an uplighting journey which has shown difficult time yet many self glorious movement too.

testimonial Naveen Tari Technical Support

Our founder is the best boss one can have. I've never met anyone like him in my 20 years of work experience. There's a great ambiance to work in, and a good scope according to the company's ambitions.

testimonial Vilton Operations Manager

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