Rto Approved AIS 140 Vehicle Tracking System

Never lose track of your vehicle with the AIS 140 certified location tracking


Industries We Serve

Aditi Tracking offers an Intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring device with emergency response button, certified with AIS 140 regulation. Our telematics system is not only flexible and easy to use but can perform everything you could possibly need to manage real-time vehicle tracking and tracking static assets.




Vehicle Rentals

Public Transport

Heavy Equipment Industry

Salient Features

Real-time location with easy-to-use
vehicle tracking dashboard

Emergency request button(SOS)

Intelligent driver scoring methodology

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Key Benefits


Get AIS 140 Fitness/Vahan certificate, BSNL certificate and Form 17 as per state norm

Your vehicle's protection is now just a few clicks away and is now possible with our tracking device with real-time location with an easy-to-use vehicle tracking dashboard.


Intelligent GPS Tracking with Live alerts


PAN India service


SOS/ Panic button

Why Get an AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracking Devices?

All new and old vehicles including national permit trucks, buses, taxis will require fitment, Vahaan and BSNL/DIMTS certificate provided by Aditi Tracking when they are due for passing. These certificates shall be provided by us after the installation of AIS 140 certified GPS Tracker.

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Web dashboard & native mobile applications

Get Live location of your vehicle

Excellent service with seamless installation

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Manage fleet operations with real-time vehicle status & ensure safety with instant speeding & violation alarms.

Get more done with fewer resources with Aditi Tracking.