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Track and manage your high-value assets with one powerful solution.


Asset Tracking Devices

Your business is unique, Monitor your valuable assets with our solution that can track anything and is highly configurable to the way you currently manage your equipment. We believe that better asset tracking leads to better business performance.


Collects all the update of the assets


Reduces manual error

Business Views

Track the dependencies of all your critical services and assets


Reports every detail with an accurate record


Finds the exact GPS location of the lost asset


Checks individual responsibility


Long Battery Life

Get peace of mind with up to long battery life for powered assets and non-powered assets.


Installation and Security

Easily install our devices with a mobile app, without the likelihood of anyone tampering with it.



The rugged GPS tracking devices are built to work in a range of harsh environments with IP67 protection.

Asset tracking that goes where you go


Get more out of your assets and equipment

Monitor your valuable equipment with the help of Aditi Tracking asset tracking solutions. Find new ways to enhance workflows, improve utilization, track maintenance and extend the life of your assets.

Seamless Integration

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Sensor Monitoring with Bluetooth

Track smarter with our GPS and Bluetooth asset tracking solutions. Track location and scan for nearby Bluetooth tags or sensors to report on critical sensor data such as temperature, humidity, vibration, door open/close status, and more.

Fast Integration

Fast and secure integration into any asset tracking software or ERP with comprehensive documentation and a flexible format.

Technical Support

Get industry-leading technical support with device activation, installation, configuration, integration, troubleshooting, and more.

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