our Four flexible plans

"Aditi Tracking is the only company to have 4 dedicated servers for tracking and monitoring."

we help you

Automatic Vehicle Location

Web Based Tracking

Mobile Application

Speeding Alerts

Driver Management

Traffic Layer

Reports Backup Available

API Integration

Nearest Vehicle Locator

Automated Reports and Email

Sensor Integration

User Management

Google Enterprise Maps

Alert Management

Customizable Reports

Ignition ON Event Alerts

AC ON Event Alerts

Excess Idling Alerts

OverStay Alerts

Night Driving Alerts

Odometer Itegration

Driving Behaviour

Checkpoint Alerts

Route Violation Alerts

Maintenance Alert

Share Location On Emails & SMS

RFID/HID Integration

Taxi Dispatch Application

Fleet Management

Waste Management

Delivery Desk

Material Disribution/Collection System

Personal Tracking

School Bus Tracking

Ambulance Tracking

Task Management Application