Ambulance Tracking

A huge system comes in play to ensure patient’s safety at all levels. Aditi Tracking has industry’s best solution to keep Doctors and authorities aware of the whereabouts of the ambulance at all times. We help you transform your ambulance into a smart ambulance with state-of-the-art technology. Our system has solutions catering to the hospital administration, patients’ family and bus drivers to ensure safety at each level.

Re-routing to Nearest Hospital

Considering an emergency, patient’s health and the live tracking situation, this ambulance tracking system helps the users track ambulance location, and change the route to reach the nearest hospital to avoid any delay.

Find Nearest Ambulance

Our software enables the nearest ambulance to the location of the call in real-time. It allows immediate response and can be very crucial in time-critical emergencies.

Traffic Reports

It keeps you informed with live traffic reports and alerts to re-route in cases of heavy traffic. It helps doctors, hospital authorities as well as the patient’s relatives can take necessary steps for patient’s safety.