Car Security System

The rising incidences of car thefts in India, has made it imperative to arm your vehicle with a good security system. Aditi Tracking’s Car Security System sends emergency alerts if a theft is attempted. You can remotely immobilise your car immediately. Even in the case of an unfortunate theft, you can track the real-time location of the car with the system. Besides security, the system also provides accurate reports on the usage of the car. Halts taken, travel time, total distance travelled by the car, fuel consumed, and alerts if the car has deviated from its expected route.

Emergency Alerts

Track the real-time location of your car and be assured to receive instant alerts in car-related emergencies. You can immobilise your car by command if you get an alert of attempt of theft. Receive alerts in case the car deviates from your designated boundary.

Regular Reports

Get regular reports on the usage of the car. With the equipped GPS functionality, you can view and check reports on distance travelled, travel time, halts taken and fuel usage. This information helps you with accurate data that allows you to manage your car more productively and functionally.