Elder/Child Tracking

We lead a busy life and many a times we are unable to attend to the needs of elders and children at home. At such time, a system that can safely track the location of your loved ones can be a boon. Aditi Tracking brings an efficient tracking system with a host of special features. The GPS feature provides accurate live location of your loved one, and instant and real time alerts in case of emergency situations. The geo-fencing demarcates safe areas, and alerts instantly if the elder or child has ventured into unknown or unsafe territories.


Instant and Real-time Alerts

With our advanced GPS system, you can instantly access the location of your loved ones in case of any emergencies. Being assured of instant and real-time alerts in situations that require your immediate help, you can peacefully get ahead with your work.



Create a virtual fence for your elders and children in terms with their daily activities and commute. You can track them live in case they ventured out the boundaries voluntarily or in case of any emergency. Be assured of their location with geo-fencing and real-time location.