Delivery Desk

Aditi Tracking provides you a solution for web as well as mobile platform so you can track all delivery vehicles anytime from anywhere. A well-organised system with India’s most advanced GPS tracking software provides you with a detailed as well as a summarized report that includes information about the entire trip in the designated time period. It is designed keeping in mind the importance of reliability in delivering valuable goods with efficiency at the destination point. Live monitoring and reports at regular intervals keep you prepared to take necessary actions in case of any unforeseen occurrences.


Detailed trip information

Check delivery start and end time with tracking the current location of your goods to calculate an estimated time of arrival. It helps increase efficiency in delivery and ensures better consumer satisfaction.


Over-Speed or State Border Crossing

Keep a track of the vehicle speed, state border crossing and travel time for efficient performance with live tracking of all your vehicles. Receive alerts on unscheduled halts that can prevent theft or vehicle misuse.


Reduce Idle Time

Schedule your deliveries and track the movement of the vehicle to reduce idle time spent between two dispatches that eats the productivity of your business.


Allocated Devices

Multiple tracking devices can be tracked simultaneously giving you the exact information about devices which are available for the next trip.


Transporter Management

Accurate and detailed reports on the transportation of deliveries; distance covered, time elapsed, driver management, etc. helps the managers in keeping manufacturer’s promises to their consumer.


Product Management

Critical reports at regular intervals that covers all the stages of the product lifecycle. Complete integration of people, data, processes and business systems to ensure efficient product management.