Employee Transportation System

Convenient transport and safety are few of the important concerns of employees who work in shifts. With the recent growth in the IT and BPO industries, a large number of employees tend to work in shifts and travel by the transportation provided by the company. Safety of the employees; especially female employees is another important aspect that prospective employees consider in a job. With a secure tracking and transportation system in place, organisations can be assured of the safe travel of employees. Along with the measure of safety, Aditi Tracking's employee transportation system offers an efficiently structured system that is highly reliable and provides accurate reporting covering every parameter of safety and security.


GPS/GPRS Navigation

Ensures safety of employees’ pick-up to the drop. This helps to pinpoint the exact location of every vehicle round the clock.


Replay Route in History

The route history of a particular trip can be replayed for a specific date if needed.


Emergency Alerts

In case of any mishaps, unsafe driving or if the vehicle deviates from the regular route, the manager receives instant alerts via SMS and email to take instant action on the following.


Waterproof System

Highly compatible device that works efficiently in every condition and proves reliable in terms of daily operations.