Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a well-organised system that allows transport company owners or fleet managers to manage and co-ordinate all their work vehicles thus making their business run with improved efficiency, reduced costs and a greater productivity and profitability.

Aditi Tracking provides an end-to-end solution with India’s most advanced GPS tracking system for your fleet management. A user-friendly interface with high-end telematics that allow you to view all your work vehicles in real-time, receive a complete trip report and find sensitive vehicle details such as excessive idling, change in route, etc. With a smart configurable database, you can setup a system that becomes your virtual driver; monitoring all your cars, trucks or tempos with real-time location.

Driver Management


With Driver Management, you receive critical reports on driver’s behaviour such as average speed, choice of gear, harsh brakes, etc. which allows you to supervise your driver and take required action against errant behaviour.

Excessive Idling


You can now keep a track on the time consumed by excessive engine idling. It provides you with reliable data so that you can take measures to reduce the fuel consumed and thus increasing your engine life.

90 Days Reports


A thorough and detailed report provides insightful data on your business growth and operational efficiency. It covers details such as distance covered, trips made, fuel cost, maintenance updates, etc. The report helps you analyse and take corrective measures.

Better Financial Management


With Aditi Tracking’s system you get an absolute reliability and accuracy in every parameter of your fleet. Reports and alerts on designated checkpoints help you manage your fleet and thus make a big difference in your operational cost.

Estimated Time of Arrival


Keep a real-time track on all your fleet vehicles with estimated time arrival that helps in increasing operational efficiency. You can monitor their exact location and gain confidence in their arrival time. Organise your business conveniently with real-time tracking.

AC Misuse


When you can control and record the usage of AC, you can cut down a massive wastage of your engine life and fuel and thus improve efficiency of your fleet.