Fuel Monitoring

Ever exceeding fuel prices put the pressure on businesses like transport and fleet services. Plus, misuse and theft of fuel often go unnoticed, due to the unavailability of accurate date on refueling and draining. This leads to huge fuel costs for the company which ultimately affects the bottom-line. To tackle these problems, Aditi Tracking has come up with India’s most advanced GPS and fuel tracking solution, to meet the needs of fuel tracking and considerably reduce your fuel cost.

Easy to Install

Easy to Maintain

Measure the fuel in the tank with 99% accuracy

Improve efficiency -See how much fuel was actually filled at the fuel station, and Verify it with the bill

Fuel Theft-find out when, where and how much fuel was consumed.

All in one solution-hardware, software, installation, after-sales, maintenance...leave it all to us

Track your vehicle when it is going on the wrong direction or has stopped unnecessarily for a long time.

Recover the amount you have invested within 2 months

Simple to understand Reports on fuel usage and vehicle movement.