Logistics Transport System

Aditi Tracking’s Logistics Transport System is developed with India’s most advanced GPS tracking software and the latest technology to avail the need of every supply chain. A highly efficient system that controls the major roadblocks to the logistics business; demand & supply gaps, poor utilization of resources/vehicles. We provide you an end-to-end solution for your logistics management so you can run your business without any divergence. Through our systems, you can efficiently manage your daily operations. It can also provide you maintenance reports and alerts on your tempos, trucks and tankers.

Driver Management

With Driver Management, you receive critical reports on driver’s behaviour such as average speed, choice of gear, harsh brakes, etc. which allows you to identify and manage your fleet as per your requirements.

Night Driving Alert

Be ensured with real-time tracking of your vehicles in night-time driving. Receive instant alerts on unscheduled halts, oil change, or fuel change, etc. to mitigate business risks.

Expenses and Maintenance

Detailed reports on every parameters of your supply chain; fuel management, vehicle maintenance, distance covered, etc. helps you improve the expenses of your logistics and avail operational efficiency.

3rd Party API Integration

Our GPS Tracking Software is capable of integrating with any of the 3rd party application like ERP , SAP, Courier booking software through rest API’s.

Schedule Trips

Plan and reschedule trips efficiently for timely delivery of goods. A well-organised integrated system so that you are never late on your commitment.