Milk Collection Tracking System

The transport of dairy products highly relies on the fleet managers. In case of any divergence, the company faces a huge loss. To keep the milk fresh and healthy, it is important to manage the operations with a reliable tracking system. When you can track and manage all your vehicles at the same time, it eliminates the unknown risk factor and brings operational efficiency in your business.

Aditi Tracking’s Milk Collection Tracking System covers the complete run-through of all your delivery vehicles. You can track all your delivery vehicles in detail, anytime from any place. With accurate reports and alerts on marked pick-ups and destination, you can manage timely delivery of goods. When you can monitor all your vehicles and pinpoint their location, it helps you to be prepared in case of any divergence.


Live Tracking

Monitor all your vehicles in real-time with live location. You can also retrieve GPS co-ordinates, date, accuracy, speed and location address right on your screen.


Temperature Updates

Receiving alerts and accurate reports on the temperature updates can prove highly beneficial to maintain the standard of the dairy products, and avail operational efficiency by being prepared for any uncertain activity.


Route Optimization

Manage the driving patterns of your vehicles efficiently with route optimization. Avoid long routes, unnecessary divergence and maintain a designated route for smooth functioning of day-to-day operations.


Monitoring Distribution Cycle

Monitor the vehicles live to verify the pick-up and distribution cycle of each vehicle and bring accuracy in the grounds of your business. In case of any missed pick-up point, you can contact the driver immediately.


Optimizing Distribution Cycle

When you can pin-point the distribution cycle with live-monitoring and accurate data, you can optimize the delays and breakdowns in the functioning of your vehicles. This helps you bring efficiency and improved operational cost in your business.


Unauthorized Stoppage

Get details on unauthorized stoppages of vehicles with real-time location. You can manage the risk of any unlawful activity by the drivers which helps you operate your business productively.