Pet Tracking

Losing a pet can be a very distressing experience. Aditi Tracking brings a special waterproof pet tracker to always keep a track of your furry friends. It comes with a lightweight electronic leash, to be worn with the pet collar. Embedded with a GPS tracker, it helps track the live location of the pet, so that you can track it immediately when it gets lost. You also get real-time updates on your mobile of its movement.


Live Location Tracking

India’s most advanced GPS tracker helps you access real-time location and movement of your pet as per your convenience on your mobile phones. This can help you identify peculiar patterns and mark out areas so that your pet is always inside a safe territory.


Real Time Updates

Updates in real-time and instant alerts keeps you assured of your pet’s safety. Whenever your pet sneaks out of the designated boundary, you receive updates and alerts in real-time so you’re always prepared in case of any emergency.


Electronic Leash

An electronic leash embedded with a GPS tracker provides you the live location of your pet with real-time updates. Worn along with the pet collar, it is light in weight and designed to deliver a hassle-free usage. Track your pet in a smart and convenient way.