Public Transportation System

Aditi’s Public Transportation system is aimed at tracking public buses and monitor the rides for a good travel experience. It is designed with advanced telematics and the latest technologies keeping in mind the increased need of a reliable and secured system to safeguard passengers travel with quality and comfort. Our system ensures effective management of public bus transport, faster emergency response, and improved conveyance management providing an end-to-end solution to public transportation needs.


Speed Alert

Live tracking of the transport vehicles allows the authorities to take immediate actions in case of over-speeding with instant alerts.


Optimize Fuel Usage

Track the time and location of fuel re-fill, distance covered after each re-fill and accurate statistics on fuel consumption.


Optimize Driver & Passenger's Time

Transport officials can keep a track on bus routes and monitor driver’s behaviour with the GPS based tracking system. Automated alerts and live tracking ensures the delivery of a safe public transport system.