Task Management System

Aditi Tracking Support Pvt. Ltd (ATSPL) assists you to keep a track of your employees venturing out to gather sales or business for your company. Our Task Management System helps create well-organized plans for the task force while monitoring its execution. It lets employee create a schedule for the day and notifies him of the upcoming tasks. With real-time data logging, employees can incorporate with rescheduling or any updates in their given task. This system helps you streamline your sales procedure with remote monitoring at every step and enhances the output of your workforce by tracking their performance. Thus, this proves to be a very reliable Entrepreneurial Tool offering swift operational efficiency.


Live Monitoring

Maintain the status of a task as well as the live location of your sales force with live monitoring and real-time updates. Also, keep a track on your field teams entering and leaving the designated work area. You can manage the productivity of your sales force with instant alerts and regular reports.


Employee Attendance Management

Providing an effortless system to keep a track of the attendance of the employees. This timely accurate information allows managers to account for any gaps or delays in the task and hence plan your sales force more efficiently.


Employee Claims Management

Cross check on-field expenses with actual logs of employees’ movements and task accomplished. Reduce wasteful expenses due to unreliable data. Claim settlements can be closely monitored and receive a detailed summary on the same.


Employee Leaves Management

Keep a systematic account for each and every leave of your sales force and adjust them with leaves granted within the company policy. This web-based software seamlessly integrates with the payroll system of your company. Additionally, receive detailed reports on the leaves taken.


Create Customizable Tasks

Create and execute field trips as per the location of the employees. You can customize created trips or add fresh ones depending on the location and the availability of the employee. This helps bring convenience and productivity of sales force in real-time.


Task Reminder Notifications

To ascertain important tasks of the day, employees receive scheduled notifications of their particular tasks. Employees can update the status of a completed task in the same system. This brings timely management of the sales force with up-to-date reporting.


Upload Pictures of the Tasks Done

Uploading pictures of tasks completed develops as a reliable source to verify the task completion. These pictures are logged in the system and can be useful for future reporting.