Taxi Dispatch Tracking

Aditi Tracking’s Taxi Dispatch system is ideal for taxi dispatching operations & monitoring in real time. Aditi’s GPS tracking devices give you the exact location of your taxis. Our Dispatching software allows you to assign your nearest available taxi to the customer’s location. It ensures that the passengers as well as you have a sense of safety as the taxis are under complete surveillance. A complete well-organised system that covers every aspect of your taxi business leaving you hassle-free.


Vendor Management

An internet enabled, web-based application that helps you control your costs, improve drive services and quality of work and reduce risks. Gain operational efficiency in the life cycle of your taxis.


Customer Bookings

An integrated app for easy accessibility while customer is booking your service.


Vehicle Bookings

Automatically dispatch new cab bookings to the nearest taxi available.


Higher Work Rate

Everything is managed through the system with regular reports and alerts. Prevent idling of drivers, unwanted divergence in duty hours, etc. and hence ensure a higher work rate and increase your productivity and profitability.


Vehicle Expense Management

You can manage the cost of fuel consumption and economy, maintenance and service costs of your taxis. Get distance statistics, fuel management statistics, accurate reports, vehicle maintenance records, etc.