Travel Bus Tracking

Travel Bus tracking system is designed specifically for tracking the travel buses and monitor the rides for safety and quality experience of the journey. With improved conveyance management and faster emergency response, you also receive instant alerts and accurate reports for reliability and efficiency in the functioning of daily operations. There is cost benefit involved along with increasing operational efficiency of the system. You can also monitor the bus speed, driver’s behaviour and other actions required for passenger and vehicle safety.

Multiple GPS Service Provider

India’s most advanced GPS tracking software that enables daily activity logs, accurate reports on vehicles; distance traveled, halts taken, fuel consumption, route change, etc. which allows you to alter your business patterns moderately and productively.

Real Time Tracking with ETA

Keep a real-time track on all your travel buses with estimated time arrival that helps in increasing operational efficiency. You can monitor their exact location and gain confidence in their arrival time. Organise your business conveniently with real-time tracking.

Integration through API

Receive regular reports on your business activities and instant alerts in case of any suspicious activity of the vehicle. A web-based software seamlessly integrated through API brings you the convenience, efficiency and quality in being updated with reliable data of your travel business.