Two-Wheeler Tracking

Aditi’s Two-Wheeler tracking offers convenience, efficiency and a wide range of support for businesses that use two-wheelers. It is a well-organised system that updates you on unauthorised usage and prevention from theft or misuse. You can manage timely delivery of your goods with live monitoring of your vehicles with real-time location. Now, you can keep a track on all your two-wheelers at one place; manage your business efficiently and reduce operational costs. It is beneficial to professionals such as delivery boys, sales people, medical representatives, workers on construction sites, and for tourist rental bikes and bikes for test drives.


Unauthorized Usage Tracking

Updates on any change in route or untimely utilization of the two-wheeler to prevent any unauthorised usage. Instant alerts and live location of the vehicle allows immediate response in real-time.


Water-Proof Device

Highly compatible device that works efficiently in every condition and proves reliable in terms of daily operations.


Better Utilization of Resources

Wasteful expenses incurred due to over speeding, overstay or unauthorised usage can be curbed with our advanced tracking system and powerful real-time reporting engine.



Decide on the geographical boundaries of travel for your vehicle in form of a virtual fence. Get instant alerts if your two-wheeler crosses this decided boundary and prevent any misuse of the vehicle.


Alerts Incase of Emergency

The advanced system does not require you to activate anything separately. With GPS location and detailed vehicle information at regular intervals, you get instant alerts on unauthorised usage of the two-wheeler.


Higher Work Rate

Everything is managed through the system with regular reports and alerts. Prevent idling of drivers, unwanted divergence in duty hours, etc. and hence ensure a higher work rate and increase your productivity and profitability.