Waste Collection Tracking

A complete organization and management of waste collection can strengthen the daily operations of the waste collection department. Also, it provides the authorities an overview of every vehicle & regular reporting on each designated mark which allows them to keep an accurate track on the garbage disposal vehicles and verify the completion of their duties as planned.

Aditi’s Waste Collection Management system is a comprehensive solution that helps the government officials to keep a complete track on every activity performed by the garbage disposal vans. A time-efficient system that covers all the parameters of the daily operations in a simple, user-friendly database, and can be manually managed and customized as per plans and patterns to avail smooth functioning of the waste collection.

Track - Anytime, Anywhere

With India’s most advanced GPS tracking system, monitor and locate garbage disposal vehicles in real-time. In case of any wrongful activity, the authorities are prepared to act upon it in real-time and manage the outcome.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Collection Dashboard

A dashboard that can record daily, weekly & monthly collection in a simple to update interface. It provides accuracy in record keeping of daily operations which also can be shared with concerned officials.

Ward/Zone Wise Collection

A system that functions on the same par with the government management of the waste collection. Ward/Zone wise collection distribution brings efficiency in evaluating and managing the daily operations.

Missed Bins

Every marked bin can now be located in the system. Get a complete visibility of the movement of the vehicles with detailed statistics on missed bins with accurate location.

Service Schedule Update

Service schedule performs regularly with updated data; distance covered, average speed, etc. so that you never have to manage it manually. Services schedule of all the vehicles can be accessed at one place.

Web and Mobile Application

A smart application for accessing every parameter on the web or mobile phone. Receive alerts and reports on the same so that the authorized official can manage the operations on the go.