10 Reasons why Aditi Tracking
helps you manage better

Real Time Monitoring

Know where your vehicle is. (View the position of your vehicle with various other details)

Instant Alert

SOS/Panic alerts in case of emergency, no GPS signal, over speeding and many other parameters.

Mark an Area

For your team – Geo fencing feature to help designate an operational area with a virtual fence. In case of a violation of the boundary you will be alerted.

24*7 Location Visibility

User friendly platform on a mobile app or desktop to monitor vehicles at a desired time.

Unauthorised Usage

Helps prevent usage of vehicles for personal reasons. Route deviations and unauthorised stoppages can be monitored on real time.

Measure Performances

Over 100 MIS reports of critical data and performance matrix with exportable reports on distance, map history, trips, over speeding, fleet usage or any customizable parameter.

Stop your Vehicle from Anywhere

Disable the ignition of the halted vehicle with the immobilization feature. This can be done from remote access to avoid loss or damage of assets in case of malpractice.

Better Customer Service

Customer oriented solutions with end-to-end system integration expertise so that tasks are done with efficient time and money management.

Reduce Paper Work

Web based portals and apps to help digitally record all tasks. In depth, hassle-free record keeping. Reduces a considerable amount of paperwork.

Scheduled Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance reminders for tire change, oil change, insurance renewal, etc.