Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS vehicle tracking systems are the perfect way to monitor your fleet vehicles

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Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS vehicle tracking systems are the perfect way to monitor your fleet vehicles

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Fleet Management System

Aditi Tracking offers a complete fleet management software which makes us India’s best GPS tracking company. Our real-time vehicle tracking system is not only user-friendly but also offers a comprehensive trip report, and locate sensitive vehicle details such as excessive idling, route changes, and so on. You can set up a system that serves as your virtual drive with the help of a smart configurable database.


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Why Us ?

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions in asset tracking and advanced telematics since 2011. We help our clients monitor and manage their resources, to achieve greater business efficiency and profitability.


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ICAT Certified AIS 140

ICAT Certified
AIS 140

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Unlock The Future Of Fleet Management Solutions

Safeguarding your assets was never this easy

If you think that vehicle tracking and monitoring is a tedious task, we’re here to alter your perception with the most seamless, convenient, and hassle-free installation and usage experience. Pioneering the ultimate fleet management system, Aditi Tracking offers automated processes to safeguard your assets. From rendering precise automotive data like real-time location, temperature info., and fuel consumption rate to prompt you in case of theft or other emergencies, this fully-automated monitoring operation system protects your vehicle and ensures safe and stress-free travels. Get in touch with us to book a free demo and tap into our range of futuristic features for optimal monitoring operations and asset control.

An-All Inclusive Solution

Unlock the future of Fleet management with Aditi Tracking’s revolutionary Fleet Management System. This one-of-a-kind combination of several tech-first solutions is engineered to offer real-time tracking features like Vehicle, GPS, and SIM tracking facilities, safety features like SOS/Emergency buttons, as well as expenditure optimization features like fuel monitoring, and more. Enjoy a 360-degree, integrated system that offers all the essential fleet management solutions under one single roof!

Optimize Resources and Operations with Fleet Management

Cutting costs may seem complicated, but with our in-depth monitoring and analysis system, it is as easy as ever. By rendering the most comprehensive report of vehicle data and analysis, we ensure to bring wastage to your notice. By monitoring your fuel consumption, we prevent any kind of dilapidation - be it wastage or fuel theft. By scrutinizing our articulated and curated data, you can optimize your travel to save significantly on resources like fuel.

Fleet Management System

One-Stop Solution to cater to all your fleet needs

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Simplify your Fleet Management and Operations with Technology

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Centralized GPS tracking
and Fleet Management

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Insightful data for
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Manage Fuel Utility with Fuel
Monitoring System

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Ready to Streamline your Fleet Management?

Get more done with fewer resources with Aditi Tracking.

Frequently Ask Questions

The Fleet Management System is an avant-garde, intelligent combination of features that are engineered to protect your assets from theft and misplacements. You can manage fleet operations with real-time vehicle status and ensure safety with instant speeding & violation alarms.

It safeguards your vehicle and improves customer experience by purveying high-tech state-of-the-art solutions like Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Asset Management, Temperature Management, E.V Solutions, and more. These intuitive fleet management software are tried, tested, and effective, and can be integrated into your vehicle conveniently.

Aditi Tracking’s Fleet Management Software is packed with several distinctive benefits. Through this cutting-edge, utility-driving system, you are offered Intelligent GPS Tracking with live alerts, PAN India Service, and SOS/Panic Button. The comprehensive Fleet Management System also includes a web dashboard and native mobile application access, live real-time tracking of your vehicle, and top-notch service with hassle-free installation

The RTO Approved AIS 140 Vehicle Tracking System renders the real-time location of your car and provides easy access to 24/7 vehicle tracking. The system also incorporates futuristic features like an emergency response button and the Intelligent Driver Scoring methodology.

With the Fleet Management System, fuel monitoring becomes seamlessly possible. The reliable GPS Integrated Fuel Monitoring System enables you to track and reconcile your fuel inventory from a central dashboard. Thus, you can view a consolidated report of fuel usage, wastage and drip duration within a single click. The fleet management system also provides fuel consumption tracking that not only prompts you in case of fuel theft but also shows you the exact location and time of when the theft occurred. With the comprehensive fuel mileage and idle wastage analysis, you can save fuel significantly by cutting down on wastage and optimizing your travels.

Aditi Tracking’s Fleet Management Software is one of the most cutting-edge tech-first systems for vehicle and asset protection that also works seamlessly on your smartphone. Through intuitive applications, you can access crucial information about your vehicle and monitor the same at all times. The SIM-tracking solution is compatible with all major network providers and is efficient & cost-effective.