AIS 140 IRNSS GPS Tracker

Safety and security of passengers transiting through public transport is of immense importance for the government. To achieve this dire need, Government of India is mandating all automotive vendors in India to comply their vehicles with AIS 140. AIS is a standard that requires vehicle tracking systems and emergency buttons on all public transport vehicles, passenger fleets and commercial vehicles.

Aditi Tracking designed the solution keeping in view the AIS 140 guidelines, Indian operating conditions, and includes pre-certified devices, backend application and analytics, managed cellular connectivity from leading service providers, and an easy deployment of services. In addition to meeting the standard specifications, the GPS device provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution in terms of deployment and operations of connected vehicles more efficiently, securely and by significantly helping reduce the associated operational costs.


GPS + AGPS Tracking

India’s most advanced GPS tracking software with the latest technology and well-organised telematics provide live-monitoring and accurate data on every transportation vehicle, easily accessed by the officials.


50000 Logs of Data Storage

To record the data of passengers using public transportation, you need to rely on massive data storage. Aditi helps you record every data systematically.


SOS Emergency Alert

Safety and security of the passengers traveling is of utmost importance. Every vehicle will have SOS emergency button to act on the emergency in real-time to prevent unforeseen occurrences.


Multiple Analog and Digital I/O

4 Digital Inputs, 2 Analog Inputs & 2 Digital Outputs.


IP65 Dust and Waterproof

Highly compatible device that works efficiently in every condition and provides reliable data in terms of daily operations.


Tamper Alert

Protect the vehicle from any disablement or if someone tries to open the device with instant notification to the owner. This provides security with quality and comfort in the traveling experience.


Multiple Alarms

The device is equipped with multiple alarms to prepare the officials with the right emergency. It ensures necessary efficiency to avail smooth functioning of the daily transit.