School Bus Tracking

One major responsibility today is a comprehensive solution to ensure safety and security of children, while transiting in school bus. Aditi’s School Bus tracking system allows parents and school administrators, as well as the transport agency, to keep a complete track of the children, with pickup and drop time management to smoothen everyday routine.

Ensuring child safety

Aditi’s School Bus tracking is a well-organised system enabling real-time monitoring of the location. It allows parents to track their children with the GPS installed in the school bus. With accurate monitoring, parents can be relieved ensuring their child’s safety.



Parents Get Pick-up & Drop updates

Parents receive regular updates on the schedules of arrival and dispersal time of children, also parents can update child’s absence making the daily school-going a hassle-free routine. All this can be monitored on mobile phones or tabs.

Trip Attendance

Regular scheduled trip attendance ensures parents and school administration with reliability in the location of the child. This also helps in managing time schedule and evaluating efficiency in the driving patterns of the school bus.



Driver Revisions

With Aditi’s School Bus tracking system, school administrators record critical reports on driver’s behaviour such as average speed, choice of gear, harsh brakes, etc. which allows them to identify and manage the school bus safely and efficiently.

Regular Vehicle Reports

School Bus tracking system provides regular vehicle reports, alerts when trespassing geo-fence and updates in real-time. This helps to manage the routine efficiently and prepare for emergencies in real time.